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Whole Health Highlight: Emma M.

Emma Maass is described by herself and anyone who knows her as a bubbly, energetic person. She loves her two kitties, the gym and Jesus and is adventurous, especially when it comes to anything involving the outdoors!

But about a year and a half ago, after a small car accident, Emma was left with pain that affected her physical body as well as her personality. She started having lower back spasms and experiencing neck pain that was so severe she wasn’t even able to type on the computer for her job. Not one to sit by, Emma took action and began searching for someone who could help. After appointments with her doctor, physical therapists and trying dry needling, she still didn’t have answers or relief. And it was affecting more than just her work life…it was affecting her whole life.

“I was so exhausted and felt as if I had no hope in fixing ME. My bubbly personality was short, agitated, and temperamental. I didn't even want to be around myself. I wasn't sure what else to do…until my mother knew someone who referred us to Dr. Laura.”

As part of her treatment plan, she met with Dr. Laura to discuss her goals, which were simply to sit through a workday without wanting to cry from pain, to not feel agitated by friends and family members, and to cognitively feel like herself again. Within just three weeks of seeing Dr. Laura, Emma began noticing changes, and so did the important people in her life.

“My headaches were little to none, and my happy self was coming back. My mom and my boyfriend could tell a huge difference, and the way I interacted with people made me notice as well. The further along I went, the better I got. I was bringing positivity back to places and people around me. I was able to concentrate at work and feel like I was there. I was able to do things I loved with an exciting feeling again.”

Emma says the difference is that Dr. Laura and the team at Whole Health care about you as a WHOLE person, just like the name says.

“Whole Health has helped me live my life better…they truly did help change my life. Today, I can say I am proud of who I am because of the joy I have back in my life again. Pain is a real thing, you just have to take the first jump into healing.”

If you are ready to take the first step in your healing journey, contact Dr. Laura at WHC today!

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