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Whole Health Highlight: Lisa J

Lisa Juckette is an Iowa native, a member of Des Moines Rowing, occasionally hops on stage with a few local bands…and is also an expert in all thing

s pregnancy, babies and kids. She’s a mama to three young humans (ages 12, 10 and 8), owner and Lead Learner at Kindred House Play School in Windsor Heights and a doula. In addition, Lisa is currently studying to become a Pre and Perinatal Educator through APPPAH and begin midwifery studies in January 2021.

While she has many tools she recommends to parents at any stage in their journey, she says chiropractic is always on the list. “In my work at Kindred House and in birth, when folks bring up a topic to me - be it pregnancy, breastfeeding challenges, child illness or tricky behaviors - I almost always ask if they've ever used chiropractic to aid in the journey. The wonder of having your nervous system firing at optimal levels can change your life.” Research shows that chiropractic has many benefits to pregnant mothers by helping them to maintain a healthier pregnancy; controlling symptoms of nausea; reducing the time of labor and delivery; relieving back, neck or joint pain; preventing a potential cesarean delivery and more. But Lisa doesn’t just encourage chiropractic because the research is behind it, she has seen the difference it can make firsthand. She started chiropractic care at the end of her first pregnancy when she and her caregiver became nervous the baby might NEVER come out! As she reflected after the birth, she realized if she started earlier, she could have received even more benefits.

For this reason, when she became pregnant a second time, she sought chiropractic care much earlier and found Dr. Laura just blocks from her home. “It was during that pregnancy that I was able to feel the positive effects for myself as well as know my babe was getting into an optimal position,” said Lisa. “My then toddler was getting adjusted regularly as well, with added adjustments after falling down the stairs and other toddler mishaps.” At this point, chiropractic care was a regular part of their family’s healthcare routine, so when baby number three was on the way, Lisa was already being adjusted regularly. She noted how it helped her lower back and legs as well as lowered her blood pressure raised by all things toddlers and pregnancy. And this time, knowing even the most peaceful of home births can still be traumatic to babies and mothers alike, Lisa invited Laura to her home to adjust both her and the baby the day after the birth. In addition to helping mothers with recovery postpartum, removing subluxations for infants can also help with breastfeeding, acid reflux, general immunity and growth. Lisa’s family has become part of the family at WHC. “As we have all grown and changed, through wellness and recovery, Dr. Laura has been part of our family. She's seen us through ups and downs, arounds and throughs. Just a couple years ago, my partner and I separated, but the one thing that stayed the same was our family appointment at Whole Health. She knows us, she cares for each of us on a personal level, and she cares for our family as a whole. The team is professional and personal, and Thunder provides play therapy to anyone who will join him - and even those who are reluctant.”

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