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Whole Health Highlight: Royce A

Royce Alaniz remembers sitting in the waiting room at Whole Health Chiropractic with his wife Jolie in 2014 as she filled out her new patient paperwork and thinking “this just isn’t my thing”.

Over the last few years, Jolie would encourage Royce to give chiropractic a try, but he assumed he didn’t have a need for it and continued to put it off. However, as he entered his early 30s, he began noticing some slight changes in his body and health…his metabolism got a little slower, recovery time after workouts started to take longer, he experienced morning back pain, and he began having a harder time keeping up with their four active kids (Julian - 9, Lydia - 6, Elliott - 4, and Amélie - 2). This fall, Royce decided it was time to see what this chiropractic thing was all about.

“I honestly had no idea what to expect during my first visit with Dr. Laura and her staff. I assumed chiropractic care was just coming in, getting your back ‘popped’ and leaving until your back hurt again…I was wrong.” At the initial appointment, Dr. Laura focused not only on creating an individualized care plan, but also on educating Royce about chiropractic and how it works so he’d understand the “why” for his visits. “I had absolutely no idea how advanced the technology was for chiropractic care, and Dr. Laura opened my eyes to just how vital the spine and nervous system are for almost every sphere of life - immune system, muscle recovery, endurance, cognitive functions, mental health - you name it!” said Royce. “And the care itself is very finely tuned to each individual based on a variety of factors; therefore, I was able to set clearly defined goals for myself.”

In just a few months, Royce has been blown away by the impact of the care at WHC; the morning back pain is virtually non-existent and the soreness and joint pain after workouts is gone. He also has the energy to do the things he loves most: staying active with his wife and kids (you can find them playing soccer, discovering playgrounds, or hitting the trails!) as well as enjoying his favorite hobby, drumming for his rock band The August Guns, who will release their fourth album January 2021.

When asked what he would tell someone who is also hesitant about beginning their journey with chiropractic care, Royce says, “I have ZERO intentions of eliminating chiropractic care from my life. The impacts have been too important and self-evident. And I see no reason to use any care provider in the Des Moines area other than Whole Health Chiropractic. If anyone is thinking about their physical and mental health and needs a place they can trust, I would recommend Whole Health 100%. The care and attention you will get from Dr. Laura and her staff is top notch. You can rest assured that you will be treated with the kindness and care you deserve as an individual with important and unique needs.”

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