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The most rewarding part of our job is hearing stories of how we have been able to help patients and their families life the lives they love! 

newborn and prenatal care

Laura (Juniper's Mom)

“I would tell anyone I know to take their babies in for regular chiropractic care with Dr Laura! ESPECIALLY if babies are having trouble eating/latching, pooping, sleeping or any sort of problems, I tell friends to go see Dr. Laura ASAP! If the newborn is doing well, chiropractic care will be there to address any potential issues before they become physical problems. ”

patient testominal

Emma M

“My headaches were little to none, and my happy self was coming back. My mom and my boyfriend could tell a huge difference, and the way I interacted with people made me notice as well. The further along I went, the better I got. I was bringing positivity back to places and people around me. I was able to concentrate at work and feel like I was there. I was able to do things I loved with an exciting feeling again.”

family care testimonial

Royce A

“I had absolutely no idea how advanced the technology was for chiropractic care, and Dr. Laura opened my eyes to just how vital the spine and nervous system are for almost every sphere of life - immune system, muscle recovery, endurance, cognitive functions, mental health - you name it!"

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